Visa Runs

If you want to extend your stay in Thailand, we can help you to renew your visa. The easiest way to renew your visa is to do a Visa Run with us. We can arrange either a 30 day or 60 day visa extension for you.

Visa Runs to Cambodia

For those in the Pattaya area, we can easily arrange a 30 day Visa extension for you with our daily 1-day Visa Run trip to the Baan Laerm border with Cambodia.
When you undertake this visa run, upon re-entering Thailand at the border crossing, you will receive a visa giving you permission to stay in Thailand for 30 more days.

Our Visa Run Service Includes The Following:

  1. Luxury Air Conditioned Mini Bus transportation.
  2. Cambodian Visa, to allow entry into Cambodia.
  3. Thai Visa, enabling 30 more days stay.
  4. Lunch.
  5. Complimentary soft drinks during the journey.
  6. Daily Departure at 5:50 am, arrives back between 15:00 and 16:00 same day


Fully Inclusive Service Fee Is Only 2,500 baht per person.


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Tourist Visa Runs to Laos

For a 60 day Visa extension you will need our Visa Run To Laos, Via Nong Khai-Thai Laos Friendship Bridge. This is a 3 day Visa Run leaving every Sunday and Wednesday at 7pm. The trip takes you to Nong Khai where you will cross into Laos via the newly built Thai Laos Friendship Bridge.

Single Entry 60 Day Tourist Visa

The Single Entry Tourist Visa (SETV) allows you to enter Thailand for 60 days duration. You can then extend the SETV at your local Immigration Office, if required, by a further 30 days at a cost of 1900 baht (giving you a total of 90-days permission to stay in Thailand).


Our 3 Day Tourist Visa Run To Laos Includes The Following:

    1. Luxury Air Conditioned Mini Bus transportation to Nong Khai. The bus departs from Pattaya at approx. 19:00pm and includes pick up from your hotel.
    2. Personally escorted to the Thai Embassy in Vientiane in Laos. You will arrive Nong Khai at 4:30am, cross the border and visit the Thai Embassy in Vientiane.
    3. Check into your hotel. Then spend the day, evening and the following morning in Vientiane. Transport between Thai Embassy and your hotel is provided.
    4. Collect your passport, including your new visa, at around 1:00pm, transfers from hotel to Thai Embassy, then on to to Nong Khai at 2:00pm are included.
    5. Luxury Air Conditioned Mini Bus return to Pattaya, leaving Nong Khai at 2:00pm and arriving back in Pattaya at around midnight. Complimentary soft drinks are served during the journey
    6. Hotel accommodation, lunch, dinner, cost of visa and all transfers are included in our fully inclusive service fee.

Fully Inclusive Service Fee Is Only 6,500 baht per person.

Departures from Pattaya OR from Bangkok are scheduled every Sunday and Wednesday, approx 7pm

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